UniteSoft WIMS

UniteSoft WIMS 3.6

Keep an eye on the stocks and manage warehouses and the data stored
3.6.3 (See all)
Unite Soft

Control the stocks and have a complete view over the warehouses you have in the administration. Features online inventory report, maintenance, order management, good retrieval, and more.

UniteSoft WIMS is designed to maintain stock and manage warehouse.
UniteSoft WIMS is very user friendly software which can be used in very easy step.
Key Features:
- Online Inventory
- Stock Maintenance
- Pre Reorder level prediction .
- Fully scalable system.
- Warehouse Management
- Purchase Order
- Goods Receive
- Goods Return from customer and to vendor
- Sales Challan and Sales Invoice
- Sales Order
- Stock register
- Notifications and alarms
- Stock Opening
- Tax Reconfiguration/Export all report to excel format
- Backup and Restore

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